Adelaide Hookers

A Guide to Adelaide Hookers and Street Prostitution

We received this question via email over the weekend:

Where’s the best place to find Adelaide hookers on the street? How much cheaper are they than the girls at Regency, Studio, etc?

While we didn’t envision we’d be writing a guide to Adelaide hookers and street prostitution, it seems there’s a demand for one.

And, well, there is certainly an active red light district that serves it.

Adelaide Street Prostitution: ‘Hooker Hot Spots’

First of all, let’s be clear.

Prostitution is illegal in Adelaide.

While there are many brothels and erotic massage parlours where you can get just about everything from hand relief happy endings, to full service (with bells and whistles attached), they are still illegal.

You are putting yourself at risk of a police sting by paying for sex, or looking to pay for sex, or looking to pay for anything that might be considered a sexual activity in exchange for money or something of value.

We’re sure you know this already.

But also, understand: the risk of shit happening is amplified considerably if you are so brazen as to look for paid sex in the street.

It’s playing with fire.

With that said, there are a few areas that you might consider Adelaide Hooker Hot Spots:

  • The Western Suburbs (Grand Junction, Addisson and Hanson Roads)
  • Churchill Road
  • Port Road
  • South Road

Sex workers can be found trawling these streets, but it is said that they are mostly ‘poor quality’, if somewhat kinkier, than the girls to be found in the major brothels.

No surprises there.

The police are not blind to these prostitution spots.

Indeed, they carry out regular crackdowns that are likely to land you in all kinds of bother if you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Grand Junction, in particular, is known for roadside solicitation that gets a lot of heat from the police. It is also said to contain some of the better looking call girls on Adelaide’s streets, but even that is a very mixed bag.

It’s not just these popular hot spots where sex is sold.

Street prostitution is on the rise all across Adelaide.

The Advertiser reports there are over 120-150 brothels in operation across Adelaide; many of these makeshift establishments far from the ‘luxury bordellos’ that appear online.

The Adelaide red light district has crept in to some of the city’s more affluent suburbs with incidents of street prostitution reported in Vale Park, Norwood and Firle.

You might wonder why any man would choose a girl off the street for paid sex if he can walk in to a semi-regulated brothel, but the incentive… is in the price.

Most street girls charge around $50 for oral sex, or $100 for full service.

That is considerably cheaper than what you’ll get in the wink-wink-nudge-nudge luxury Adelaide brothels, and pretty much on par with the cost of a happy ending in a local massage parlour.

Adelaide Prostitution: Never Far Away…

Pick up a copy of The Advertiser, the same newspaper running the story above on Adelaide’s booming street prostitution.

Skip to the Classified Section and cast your gaze down to the Adult Section.

What do you see?

About two thirds of the page is absolutely stacked with adverts that might as well be described as calling cards for sex.

Whether they say as much explicitly… it doesn’t really matter.

Adelaide’s sex industry is never far from the surface of the mainstream, be it in popular local newspapers, or on the streets of our suburbs.

Likewise, you can head over to Backpage, Gumtree or Craigslist, skip to the adult section and find listing after listing for just about every variation of prostitution imaginable.

Some of these are posted by street hookers, others are by established brothels, and many more come from freelance escorts looking for new clients.

Whatever efforts have been undertaken to keep prostitution illegal in Adelaide… have not resulted in a reduction to prostitution. Quite the opposite.

Adelaide Street Hookers vs. Brothels & Escorts

We’ll be honest…

If you are going to pay for sex, we can’t find any good reason why you would use a street hooker other than the cheaper price.

In every other department:

  • Your safety
  • Her safety
  • Potential STD/STIs
  • Risk of the law
  • Comfort and luxury
  • Quality of call girl

…you will always, always be better off using a semi-regulated brothel, or an escort agency that takes a premium fee for the ‘exchange’ of connecting you to a vetted and reputable escort.

You don’t even have to use an agency.

There are plenty of freelance escorts who are infinitely safer to meet up with than a girl soliciting every other car on Grand Junction.

Will this make a difference to the rampant rise of Adelaide street prostitution?

Probably not.

For many men… the price is the price is the price.

And for many women… the price outweighs the risk.

What are your thoughts on Adelaide’s hooker hotspots?

Do you see street prostitution on the rise near you? Have you used a call girl off the street?

Have your say below.

Adelaide Pick Up Bars

Best Pick Up Bars In Adelaide

Adelaide has a diverse nightlife which you either love or you hate. For guys looking to pick up women in Adelaide, it helps to know where you’ll stand a chance.

On a typical night out in Adelaide, you’ll find a strange mix between bars that are pretty much deserted and others that are bordering on overcrowded.

So, where are the best night spots for meeting women?

Here’s a look at some popular Adelaide pick up bars.

The Ed at Mitcham
1-7 High St, Mitcham SA 5062, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8373 2700

Ed Mitcham bar

The Ed at Mitcham is known for its famous garden and the deluxe wine cellar. It’s a perfect place to chill on afternoons and people watch, before it livens up in the evening with a nice buzz of singles ready to mingle. They say it’s best to hang around here during Tuesdays. Often spotted are classy and sophisticated women who’ve come here for some catch up with their girlfriends.

Or… to receive your best lines?

Electric Circus
17 Crippen Pl, Adelaide

Electric circus bar

If your kind of girl is a wild party animal, Electric Circus is the place to be. It’s good for late night weekend hangouts and partying. Thursdays to Sundays, the Electric Circus in Crippen Place is always a full house. You’ll bump in to a bunch of sexy ladies. Probably literally. It gets pretty busy and sweaty inside here.

The Lion Hotel
161 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8367 0222

The Lion Hotel

The Lion Hotel is often host to crowds of women in their mid 20s to early 30s. It is a popular venue for Sunday catch ups, making this a good place to chat over a meal from their tasty menu. In the evenings, a live band gives an extra kick to the proceedings. There’s a friendly atmosphere throughout. If you are looking for conversation rather than flirting and dance moves, Lion Hotel is a good start.

The Holdfast Hotel
83 Brighton Road, Glenelg, South Australia

Phone: +61 8 8295 2051

The Holdfast Hotel

For Wednesday nights out, The Holdfast Hotel is a popular Adelaide spot that is host to a female-centric crowd of 18-30 year olds. It is best described as an open plan pub; perfect for striking up a conversation as it slowly fills out.

You’ll find a casual crowd here for the beer, gaming and casual dining. On the weekends there is also some live music.

And… if all else fails?

There’s always…

HQ Complex
1 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 7221 1245

HQ Complex

This isn’t so much a bar as a heaving mass of flesh-on-a-dancefloor.

HQ is Adelaide’s largest nightclub and it can pack in over 2200 revellers for its events driven by DJs and live bands.

How do you pick up women in HQ?

Well, we’ll give you a clue. It’s not by subtle conversation.

This is the sort of place where if you stay on the dancefloor long enough, you’re going to get your arse grabbed. By what or who exactly, who knows?

HQ is a divisive venue that you’ll either love or hate. If you’re looking for a quiet night of wining and dining with the other sex, then you’ll most definitely hate it.

If your only plan is to get laid? Buckle up and hit HQ.

What’s your favourite bar or club for meeting ladies in Adelaide?

Let us know your ‘pick up bar’ recommendations!

Red Light Adelaide

Welcome to Red Light Adelaide

Welcome to Red Light Adelaide: your guide to adult entertainment in the capital city of South Australia.

The Red Light Network has grown rapidly over the last 2 years.

Since launching in 2013, we have added sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Gold Coast as well as abroad in Dublin, Las Vegas, Auckland and Chicago.

We are delighted and excited to unveil our Adelaide portal and will be adding to it regularly over the coming months.

If you are based in the South Australia area and would like to know more about the adult services near you, how to find sex in Adelaide, the types of escorts working in Adelaide, and the hottest strip clubs around town… that’s exactly what we’re hear for.

Our network is dedicated to strictly NSFW adult entertainment.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to on this site.

Red Light Network’s ‘To Do’ list for Adelaide

Adelaide’s best night life reviewed — we’ll look at the hot spots around town and the best places to go for adult themed entertainment.

Adelaide’s best escort agencies — looking to meet a beautiful lady for an experience you’ll never forget? We’ll connect you to the sexiest escorts in South Australia.

Adelaide’s best brothels — No explanation necessary!

Adelaide’s best sex shops — if you’re looking to spark up your love life, we’ll show you where to buy all manner of items that can be used, worn or enjoyed in the bedroom!

Adelaide’s best strip clubs and casinos — for those planning a wild night in Adelaide, we’ve got you covered.

Feel free to get in touch if you have a recommendation that we’ve overlooked.

If you have any questions about the services, agencies or venues featured on RLAdelaide, you are welcome to drop us an email. Or simply leave a comment under the post and we’ll get back to you.

Enjoy the site!